Q.T.L. Bomber Team

The pink pig will destroy you all!

2019 Squad


Manager: Babbonatale


1. Babbonatale - Italy

2. Lo Zingaro - Italy

3. Il Bae - Italy

4. Unzul - Italy

5. Split - Italy

6. elfoconiglio - Italy

7. n.n.

8. n.n.

9. n.n.

10. n.n.

11. n.n.

12. n.n.

Planned events: Luxemburg (03/19), Herford (04/19), Amsterdam (5/19), Cracow (07/19), Geneve (10/19), Milano (11/19)


Born in 2010 as a small italian team made up of players from hazy lodigian fields, now it is one of the most active teams in the Italian scene, enclosing the most disadvantaged players in Lombardy! A team, a creed, but especially a family!


Mes que un club!


A group of friends everyday bigger (we are now in 11) dedicated to supporting the 9th Age both as players and as organizers of tournaments. Both nationally and internationally!



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European Master League